Now everybody can get a Blue Tick on Twitter. Here is get yours

The social networking giant had said, “Verification has long been viewed as an endorsement. That perception got worse when we opened verification to public submissions and verified people whom we do not endorse in any way.” And now, after a long hiatus of upgrading the Blue Tick system, Twitter’s new verification process is restarting for everyone.

Starting Thursday May 20th, the new Twitter verification process will be in place. Accounts that fall into six different categories can apply for a coveted Twitter Blue Tick. Here are the different categories for Twitter review …

• Government • Corporations, brands and organizations • News organizations and journalists • Entertainment • Sports and games • Activists, organizers and other influential people

Those who wish to request Twitter verification can do so directly in their account settings. If you don’t see an option to request a blue tick on the Account Settings tab – don’t worry, Twitter is in the process of rolling it out.

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