Nordstrom’s sandals part is an actual hearth – 30 pairs below $ 150 that you’ll love

To be honest, a lot of things at Nordstrom are downright fire. From affordable but expensive looking finds to trendy must-haves, this is a retailer that really has it all. Today I am here to upgrade the glory of the sandal selection. Chances are you have better things to do than scroll through the hundreds of pages of sandals on Nordstrom’s website, but it turns out I don’t! After hours of scrolling and hundreds of tabs open, I officially consider the 30 pairs of sandals below to be the best that Nordstrom has to offer.

From as little as 45 US dollars, the selection offers every sandal style your heart desires, from flat, versatile mules to trendy, colorful mules and everything in between. If you are looking for those key pairs of sandals that will take you through the summer and early fall months with ease, look no further as I have a strong inkling that at least one of the many pairs below will feel certain.

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