Non-public knowledge from 40 million T-Cellular prospects stolen in an enormous cyber hack

A huge data breach resulted in the private information of around 40 million T-Mobile customers being sold by hackers. While the US wireless operator – the third largest in the country – claims only 40 million are affected, the hackers claim to have the personal information of 100 million customers. To put this claim into perspective, T-Mobile only has around 104.79 million customers in the USA.

Hackers stole critical data, including driver’s licenses and social security numbers, before making it available to the highest bidder in a hacking forum. Fortunately, the bank details of T-Mobile customers do not appear to have been affected by the data breach that became known a few hours ago. T-Mobile was only made aware of the massive breach after attempts to sell the stolen information were publicized in news reports.

“It is important that no phone numbers, account numbers, PINs, passwords or financial information have been compromised by customers or potential customers in these files,” T-Mobile tried to reassure panicked customers in its latest statement.

However, dates of birth, last name, and details from the driver’s license were all obtained from the hackers … and are now available for purchase. The PINs, names and telephone numbers of around 850,000 prepaid customers were also affected by the breach. T-Mobile has already reset the PINs of all compromised prepaid accounts. She recommended that all contract customers do the same.

While T-Mobile previously operated in the UK, it was merged with Orange to form EE in 2012. It is now owned by BT, which has not disclosed any evidence of data leaks.

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