No person Believes My Go-To Bag Is From Amazon (However Actually!)


It runs like clockwork: whenever I carry my black shoulder bag, a friend (or better yet, a complete stranger) praises me for my outstanding accessory. And they’re always shocked to hear that I found this wallet on … drum roll, please … Amazon.

While Amazon is a great place to buy groceries and housewares, there are tons of cute (and affordable!) Clothes and accessories out there too. Of course, my JW PEI Vegan Cross Body Bag ($ 65) is no exception.

There’s a reason I take this bag with me everywhere. At just under 8 inches (8 inches) in length, this wallet has plenty of room for my wallet, phone, keys, and hand sanitizer – but it’s not so big that I have to embarrassingly spend a lot of time trying to find a bare tube of lipstick. The bag’s flap closure makes it easy for me to access my belongings, not to mention there are two compartments so I can keep a little organized. And thanks to the almost 17-inch strap, I have a hands-free way of having all of my belongings close at hand.

Of course, I can’t get poetic about JW PEI’s shoulder bag without mentioning how stylish it is. Because, to be honest, it’s really chic. The embossed treatment gives every outfit a trendy touch – and that’s not an exaggeration! I can put it on with cute heels in heels for a date or lug it into my Pilates class – and it’s a great compliment magnet, too. In addition, the bag is made of vegan leather and will therefore definitely receive Mother Nature’s seal of approval.

Oh, and did I mention this bag is remarkably inexpensive? Despite its ultra-luxurious look, this bag is only $ 65. (I mean, I probably spend more each month on all of my streaming services.) So whether you’re looking to get yourself a new bag this holiday season or wow your favorite gourmet, I can’t recommend this wallet anymore. And believe me, you too will be shocked that you bought this chic carry-all with your Prime membership.

Image Sources: JW PEI and POPSUGAR Photography / Kelsey Mulvey

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