New tremendous quick broadband firm that may compete with BT, Sky, TalkTalk … and is already in your road

There’s a new broadband provider in town … and it’s probably already available on your street. Middlesbrough-based File Sanctuary is the first to offer full fiber broadband. Speeds vary from 67Mbps, which is slightly below the average download speed of 71Mbps recorded earlier this year, up to a maximum of 900Mbps.

All of File Sanctuary’s packages come with unlimited downloads so you don’t have to worry about additional fees when you download a new operating system, stream Netflix every waking minute of the day, or keep working from home.

Best of all, File Sanctuary is likely already available in your area. Because the brand relies on BT’s Openreach network, which already covers around 84 percent of households in England. This should allow File Sanctuary to reach millions of people within days of launching. This is faster than other newcomers such as Community Fiber, Zzoomm, G.Network and CityFibre, who have decided to build an alternative network to BT.

Interestingly, File Sanctuary will only be available in areas where Openreach has upgraded the cable infrastructure to Gigabit-enabled full fiber. Gigabit speeds – 1,000 Mbps download speeds, or about 14 times faster than the current average UK home internet speed – are only possible if the connection between your broadband provider, the network and your home is fiber optic instead of the copper phone is made lines used in the past. Full fiber connections are also more reliable, as bad weather can affect the performance of copper cables.

Government is finally recognizing fast broadband as “essential”

Openreach has already connected around 4.6 million rooms to its gigabit-capable full fiber network, and by December 2026 there should be 25 million. So there is no shortage of potential customers for the new File Sanctuary.

File Sanctuary has a minimum term of 12 months – half of which you get with BT for the same speeds on the same network. That means you can search for better deals or speeds much sooner.

Additionally, File Sanctuary’s customer support is based entirely in the UK and fully supports both IPv4 and IPv6 internet addresses on their network.

The only catch is that you don’t get a broadband router for free when you sign up. Instead, File Sanctuary lets you deploy your own. That’s not a problem if you’ve already invested in a setup like Google Nest Wifi or Amazon Eero. However, if you’ve only ever used the default router that was sent in the mail from your provider, you need to consider the additional cost.

File Sanctuary prices start at £ 40.80 per month for 67 Mbps download speeds, go up to £ 45.60 per month for 300 Mbps, £ 50.40 per month for 500 Mbps, and finally at £ 55.20 per month for 900 Mbps. For comparison, BT is charging £ 59.99 for its 900Mbps package, although there is currently a deal going down that will bring that price down to £ 54.99 for the duration of our 24-month contract.

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