New Sonos Roam is the corporate’s most cost-effective, most transportable speaker

Sonos has long been known for getting the party started inside your home, but now the audio company is bringing the sound outside too. The US company expanded its range of portable speakers with the introduction of the new Sonos Roam, which lets you create playlists in the park, play podcasts by the ocean, or mix songs by the pool.

Sonos released its first battery-powered device, the Sonos Move, back in 2019, but it wasn’t exactly easy to carry and, at £ 379, was certainly not easy on the wallet. That changes with the brand new Sonos Roam speaker, which boasts an ultra-portable design and a price tag of £ 159. This makes it the cheapest way to get your hands on a Sonos product.

And don’t think that bargain price makes it sound inferior. Sonos is pretty confident that owners will be surprised at what they hear when they touch the power button.

“To a small, portable speaker, Roam sounds big and real. It doesn’t sound forced or artificial and that is evidence of its technical design. It’s unique in its class because, unlike a megaphone, it works like a finely tuned loudspeaker, ”said Emily Lazar, Grammy Award-winning mastering engineer.

To create this sound, Sonos put two Class H amplifiers, a tweeter, and a custom racetrack midrange driver inside the case. There are also fully adjustable EQ settings that allow you to add more bass, treble, or volume to your melodies, and Sonos’ clever Trueplay tuning technology intelligently adjusts the sound based on the orientation and position of the speaker.

It’s worth noting that Sonos follows Apple by not shipping a plug in the box. So you’ll have to dig up an old charger to refill it if you don’t decide to buy the WiFi dock.

“We designed Roam to give customers the ability to take the Sonos experience with them wherever they go,” said Patrick Spence, Sonos CEO. “It’s not just our smartest, most versatile speaker, it’s also our most affordable. Roam gives millions of new customers the opportunity to get started with Sonos and is the right product at the right time when we meet up with friends and family again. “

The Roam will be available in shadow black or moon white from April 20th.

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