New Samsung 4K and 8K TVs can be launched quickly. Simply do not have a look at the worth

Samsung’s brand new 4K and 8K TVs were unveiled during the CES virtual tech last month and they definitely look impressive. Some of these latest and greatest glasses boxes feature new Neo QLED technology that helps improve image quality with a brighter picture, bolder colors, and blacks that appear even darker.

There’s also a stunning bezel-less design and clever audio that doesn’t make the sound seem like it’s moving on the screen, but tailors the entire experience to fit your living room perfectly. Other features of these televisions include a remote control that is now solar powered and improved packaging that makes the environment far more environmentally friendly.

Another bonus is coming for anyone who has a PS5 or Xbox One this Christmas. Samsung expects Samsung to deliver the ultimate TV gaming experience with two new exclusive features.

Super Ultrawide GameView offers gamers the opportunity to play not only in the wide 21: 9 aspect ratio, but also in the ultra wide 32: 9 ratio.

The larger field of view ensures players won’t miss a moment of the action. With the Game Bar, gamers can quickly monitor and adjust important aspects of the game – whether they are changing the aspect ratio, checking the input delay or connecting a headset.

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While there is very little 8K content, Samsung TVs can upscale anything to ensure the picture looks crisp and detailed.

If paying more than £ 6,000 for a TV is a little too much for your bank balance, cheaper 4K options exist.

The Samsung QN85A 55-inch is just $ 1,600 (£ 1,155), and there’s a 65-inch model for $ 2,200 (£ 1,500).

Full UK pricing and availability should be released soon. Check out this section if you’re in the mood for a shiny new TV in your living room.



QN85A 55-inch: $ 1,600 (£ 1,155)
QN85A 65-inch: $ 2,200 (£ 1,590)
QN85A 75-inch: $ 3,000 (GBP 2,100)
QN85A 85-inch: $ 4,500 (£ 3,250)
QN90A 55 inches: $ 1,800 (GBP 1,590)
QN90A 65-inch: $ 2,600 (£ 1,878)
QN90A 75-inch: USD 3,500 (GBP 2,500)
QN90A 85-inch: $ 5,000 (£ 3,600)


QN800A 65-inch: $ 3,500 (GBP 2,500)
QN800A 75-inch: $ 4,800 (£ 3,400)
QN800A 85-inch: $ 6,500 (GBP 4,600)
N900A 65-inch: $ 5,000 (£ 3,600)
QN900A 75-inch: $ 7,000 (£ 5,500)
QN900A 85-inch: $ 9,000 (£ 6,500)

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