New risk is wreaking havoc on Android, however iPhone house owners can breathe straightforward

Why is this attack harming Android users while leaving iPhone fans unscathed?

Well, that all has to do with the openness of Android. The fact that you can install pretty much anything on these devices is one of the reasons many choose to use Apple’s fully locked smartphones.

iPhone owners can only download and install files directly from the App Store, but Android cannot.

One of the most important ways users can install apps and services is by using a type of file called an APK and how the EXE or DMG installation files found on Windows and Mac work, respectively. Like these desktop operating systems, Android users can download these files directly from the Internet.

And that is exactly what puts the owners at risk in this final attack, as the FluBot virus is sent to phones via a hidden APK. So when you click the link in the text message to find out what DHL is supposed to be delivering to your home, it loads a blank website with the APK downloading in the background. This process is blocked for iPhone owners. The website appears blank and nothing happens.

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