New leak reveals large Android 12 redesign and all the things might be revealed right now

Prosser managed to get promotional slides that will be featured on Google I / O this week. A leaked slide calls Android 12 a “brave new experience” that offers “stronger privacy and security” and ensures that “all of your devices work better together”.

While another slide revealed a lot of new widgets that are supposed to debut with Android 12. We already knew that Android 12 would get a new conversation widget thanks to the developer preview, but there will also be: a new music and audio player widget, a new brightness control, redesigned Bluetooth and Wi-Fi switches updated volume and ringtone controls, a new UI element for snoozing or clearing an alarm, a new weather widget and stacked notifications.

Your best bet is probably a new clock widget that shows a charming analog-style clock. As Prosser said, all of this shows that Android 12 is apparently going to be a “massive” upgrade that “even” he – a leaker known for its Apple-centric content – is looking forward to.

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