New development alert: The cutout on Camila Mendes’s Versace skirt units the bar for fall vogue


Veronica Lodge could be one of Riverdalemost stylish characters, but Camila Mendes made them fight for their money in this sexy black Versace ensemble. While attending a launch event in LA for Fairfax She ran the red carpet from head to toe on Amazon Prime Video, an animated show about four high-impact middle school students. Ignoring the cooler autumn weather, Camila bought the event’s latrine streetwear pop-up store – open November 3rd – 6th – and posed with other stars like Zoey Deutch in a skimpy Versace cardigan made by a. A single golden button was held together. Say what you want to say about bags and heels when it comes to accessories, but don’t underestimate the hardware to put together the perfect look.

Camila combined the ribbed cardigan with a Versace wallet, black strappy heels and a pencil skirt with an integrated belt. The asymmetrical accessory peeked out from one half of her waist, revealing a gold Medusa emblem on the belt buckle, and creating a sassy neckline down her waist. We’re still not sure what to think of some of these riskier cutout looks, but Camila’s outfit convinced us we can go with these waist cutouts.

As much as we love Camila’s scorching hot Versace ensemble, we weren’t the only ones a bit obsessed with the outfit. “I CAN NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!” Vanessa Morgan raved in the comment section. “That look. I would like to frame this picture of you and put it in my room, ”added Lili Reinhart. See Camila’s cardigan and skirt from all angles here.

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