New block prevents you from watching Sky TV, Netflix, and Prime Video without cost

If you’ve turned on illegal streams from Sky TV, Netflix, and Amazon Prime Video to watch for free, you’ve likely seen your go-to pirate service shut down in the past few days. Hundreds of illegal Internet Protocol TV (IPTV) domains with access to free content have been closed.

While there are a number of websites that offer free access to series, films, and sporting events, there are a growing number of IPTV services that bundle a number of these streams together. This content is all provided for a low monthly fee to distract subscribers from legitimate providers like Sky, BT TV, and Virgin Media.

For the price you pay illegal IPTV providers, you are effectively getting free access to a range of paid services. To combat this scourge, rights holders have joined forces to form the Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment (ACE). This global coalition includes big names like Netflix, Amazon and the BBC.

One way ACE is helping to fight cyber piracy is to gather evidence of pirate operations and then approach operators with two options: either shut down or face dire consequences.

If the internet pirates opt for the latter, they could have to close the shop in addition to other penalties.

In the past few years, over 200 IPTV domains have been handed over to the ACE when the piracy operation ceased. In the past few weeks, however, things have improved once again – TorrentFreak reported that more than three dozen IPTV domains were seized by the ACE during this period.

A number of these IPTV domains are believed to be associated with a single operator promoting the illegal services on Reddit. These domains are,,,,,,, electro,, and

When you visit these websites, you will now be greeted by an ACE warning stating, “This website is no longer available due to a copyright infringement. Do not put yourself at risk by using or subscribing to illegal streaming services.”

Elsewhere, the website – which claimed to offer over 17,000 channels – has been closed, as has and, which previously broadcast Sky Sports content.

Another IPTV service that violated ACE’s anti-piracy measures is Juice TV, which offered access to live sports content, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and more from $ 4.99 per month.

All websites related to the illegal Juice TV service have now been shut down by the ACE.

As always, if you want to avoid getting caught in the crosshairs of anti-piracy organizations, your best bet is to simply pay for subscription services, legitimately and fairly.

This not only means that you don’t risk any possible consequences in the further course, but the money also goes to the right people – the scriptwriters, the actors, the directors, the crew, the location scouts, the CGI artists, sound engineers, the marketing departments and everyone else involved.

Without the hundreds of millions of people who pay for Netflix, some of the biggest shows like the worldwide sensation Squid Game wouldn’t be possible.

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