Netflix is ​​planning a landmark improve, however it’s not what you assume it’s

It’s an exciting time to be a Netflix subscriber. In addition to its huge selection of new and old films and TV shows, the streaming giant announced yesterday that it will soon be hosting an entirely new type of content. Yes, Netflix seems to be becoming the best entertainment destination available by expanding into video games for the first time.

Over the next year, customers will have access to a games library in addition to the usual movie and TV options. The change has been rumored for months but is now all but confirmed after Netflix poached a top gaming manager. Mike Verdu previously worked with Facebook on their Oculus virtual reality gaming headsets and for EA Games’ mobile division.

Games will likely be added as a new section, much like documentaries or stand-up comedy specials. The best part? Bloomberg reports that Netflix has no plans to charge its subscribers additional costs to get their hands on its games.

There is still a lot that we do not know. Netflix has not confirmed which games will be included or how many. There are also no details on whether Netflix plans to develop its own games, just like it does with movies and shows. But the idea is sure to delight fans of Netflix’s original audience-friendly shows.

Meanwhile, Sony, Google, Apple and Microsoft all have their own video game subscription services: Xbox Game Pass gives access to over 100 games for console and PC, similar to Playstation Now. Nintendo Switch is good for fans of retro gaming with lots of NEs and SNES classics, while Apple Arcade and Google Play Pass are only for mobile gamers

But with 208 million subscribers giving it a lot of clout to win big games, Netflix could just be the best it has ever been – check out this room.

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