My secret to not trying drained is definitely fairly easy

While these two things don’t permanently remove my dark circles, they do a good job of making them disguised and less noticeable. At times when I really need a quick fix, I reach for my eye patches. They might be a great option for you if you are in need and don’t have the right concealer. Also, it takes a few days for some under-eye serums and creams to really take effect.

Under-eye masks have really taken off in the last few years for good reason. They have several benefits – some have anti-aging properties, some go under the dark circles, and others add moisture to this very sensitive area. But the best part is that many of them work in 15 minutes or less. So you can put them on while you get dressed for the day or while making breakfast. I love to use them before I have important zoom meetings or presentations as I don’t have the luxury of a ring light to give myself that ultra glowing look. Plus, it’s just a nice little moment of self-care.

Try it. Check out some of the best eye patches below, depending on your specific needs.

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