My secret supply for designer items already began with the Black Friday sale


You’ve probably heard the rumors that Black Friday is going to be a little strange this year given the supply chain issues and forecasted shipping delays and the like. Some retailers use this as an opportunity to hold sales beyond the days after Thanksgiving. Italist is one of those retailers.

If you are not familiar with Italist, thank me later because if you love evaluating designer items at a discount, it will be a dream come true. Italist sources designer items directly from some of Italy’s best boutiques, so prices are already lower than if you were to order from many other retailers. In addition, there are significant discounts for Black Friday on thousands of articles of the current season. Feel free to flip through all of them yourself if you wish, but I made it my mission to select 19 incredible items that you really won’t regret ordering. Scroll down to find shop finds from Prada, Ganni, Jacquemus and more before they inevitably sell out.

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