Mj Rodriguez and H&M work collectively to empower LGBTQ + youth: “The dialog we had was great”

Talented pose Actress, singer and historic Emmy nominee Michaela Jaé, aka Mj Rodriguez, spreads her wisdom in all of her various projects. She recently teamed up with H&M to have LGBTQ + students “Fresh and Fabulous For the Fall” for a fireplace chat. There she spoke to Elle Moxley, executive director and founder of the Marsha P. Johnson Institute (a nonprofit that protects the rights of black transgender people) about the beauty of all of our different identities that empowers 20 NYC-based students aged 14 – 24, before returning to school. Moxley’s first feature film, Black Beauty, was shown, sparking a conversation about what can happen when we challenge ourselves to rethink conventional ideas about beauty.

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