Mindy Kaling’s friends served a classy feast at their star-studded Diwali feast


The stars shone brightly on November 3rd, and Mindy Kaling’s pre-Diwali dinner party added to the sparkle thanks to the well-dressed guests attending the celebrity-packed event on Wednesday. Prepared for an evening of decadence and divinity, Priyanka Chopra, Lilly Singh, Meena Harris, Deepica Mutyala and other incredible women were dressed in minute detail as they toasted their accomplishments and friendships.

In honor of the Festival of Lights, celebrated by the Hindu community on November 4th, the joyous event was presented at Bombay Palace in LA, where every corner of the room was lit by ornate saris, sparkling accessories and smiles as bright as the lights on the ceiling. “Who am I anyway? I couldn’t be in love with my Diwali look anymore, starting with my lehenga,” Mindy captioned a post on Instagram.

“I am so proud of this room. This group of women. These trailblazers who break new ground in media, art and entertainment for ALL of us. ”

As host of the evening, Mindy shone in a bespoke outfit by Falguni Shane Peacock. Priyanka Chopra stunned in a tiered floral print georgette skirt set by Arpita Mehta and Meena Harris wore a bespoke paisley print dress designed by South Asian fashion designer Nina Sarin Arias. While the party was full of unforgettable looks, the hugely successful women were honored to celebrate friendship, representation and community.

“Last night I was so proud to have a Diwali party with my friends @meena at @phenomenal and @deepica at @livetinted,” Mindy wrote on Instagram. “We had some great women from our community as guests and were able to exchange stories and celebrate each other (with delicious food and great fashion moments). That couldn’t have happened when I moved to LA over a decade ago, but now we’re HERE! Next year will be even bigger. “Grateful for the invitation, Richa wrote on her own Instagram account:” Thank you @meena @deepica @mindykaling for bringing us all together to bask in each other’s luminosity and show solidarity and real solidarity in our historically divided community where we have been pitted against each other by systems that are not for us (especially in industries like Hollywood).

Equally moved by the influential women who attended, Deepica wrote, “I am so proud of this space. This group of women. These trailblazers, breaking new ground in media, art, and entertainment for ALL of US, have all of this around one table to hold meaningful conversations about U.S. power as a collective working together toward a common goal: Representation … everyone happy diwali. To new beginnings, love and light. ”

Take a look at the event and take a closer look at each celebrity attendee’s glamorous Diwali outfit.

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