Microsoft presents itself as anti-Apple: “The world wants a extra open platform”

The “Apple” and “Microsoft” logos can be seen on a tablet screen.

Lionel Bonaventure | AFP | Getty Images

After Microsoft executives showed the biggest changes in Windows 11, CEO Satya Nadella took the stage trying to explain how the new operating system would allow Microsoft to differentiate itself from another company with a popular operating system: Apple.

“Today the world needs a more open platform that allows apps to become their own platforms,” he said.

The comments come after Apple faced legal pressure and corporate complaints over its control over how developers can make money through the App Store.

Among other things, Apple restricts app manufacturers from presenting anything that looks like a competing store – for example, an app that contains links for downloading multiple apps. Last year, Apple stopped Microsoft from providing a single app that would give users access to play cloud-based video games on iOS. Microsoft already offers a similar app for Google’s Android mobile platform.

Apple has also cut 30% of all follow-up sales – such as subscriptions or in-game purchases – of every app users download through its app store. (Recently, the cut for small developers with annual sales below $ 1 million was reduced to 15%.)

With Windows 11, Microsoft is “introducing new store commerce models and guidelines and creating new opportunities for local publishers,” said Nadella.

The company offers third-party developers the ability to use a non-Microsoft commerce platform in their apps and not have to share their revenue with Microsoft.

End users can also download apps and games through non-Microsoft app stores from companies such as Epic Games and Valve Software.

“Windows recognizes that without personal action there is no personal computing,” said Nadella. “Personal computing requires choices. And we have to cultivate and develop our own ability to act in relation to computing. We want to remove the barriers that all too often exist today and offer choices and connections. “

The company is adding its Teams chat and video calling app in Windows 11, and that app works across iOS, Android, Mac, the web, and Linux. In the past, Apple has been more selective about the availability of its News and FaceTime apps, although the iPhone maker said earlier this month that FaceTime will be available for Android and Windows this fall.

In the past, Apple has received rejections for promoting its own applications on its operating systems. Microsoft does that too. But now that Microsoft is allowing anyone to download Android apps in Windows 11, the company is giving users more choices.

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