Microsoft is rolling out a Home windows 10 emergency replace to repair the nightmare downside

Microsoft has released a Windows 10 emergency patch to fix the dreaded BSoD (Blue Screen of Death) error that has made an unfortunate comeback. The BSoD bug got its ugly head back upright after the January and February Windows 10 updates were released. These patches have caused some unintended effects for Windows 10 users.

PC fans who have installed these patches have not only triggered Blue Screen of Death errors, but have also reported Wi-Fi issues and issues with apps suddenly crashing. Now Microsoft has released an out-of-band Windows 10 update that aims to fix some issues, including a BSoD error.

As reported by Windows Latest, the KB5001028 Emergency Update addresses a BSoD issue that occurs when a user tries to connect to WPA3 Wi-Fi networks. Microsoft has also confirmed that Blue Screen of Death errors occurred when waking devices from sleep or hibernation.

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The Redmond-based tech giant said the BSoD WiFi problem only affects “a small number of devices”. To install the patch, you need to click the “Check for Updates” button. If your PC is affected, you can download a patch that will fix the problem.

Other Windows 10 messages alerted Microsoft fans that a version of the market-leading operating system is reaching the end of support. Microsoft will shortly discontinue Windows 10 version 1909, which was first released in November 2019. Windows 10 1909 (also known as 19H2) will end support on May 11th of this year.

This means that this version of Windows 10 will no longer receive critical security updates that are required to keep a PC safe after that date.

Anyone using this version of Windows 10 has been recommended to update to the latest build. And if anything still runs in 1909 Attempts to call Microsoft technical support after the support date has expired will be prompted to upgrade.

Microsoft said, “On May 11, 2021, Home, Pro, Pro Education, Pro for Workstations editions of Windows 10, version 1909, and all editions of Windows Server, version 1909 will reach end of service. Education and Enterprise Editions of Windows 10 version 1909 will end of service on May 11, 2022. “

They added, “Customers who contact Microsoft support after this date will be instructed to update their device to the latest version of Windows 10 in order to continue receiving support.”

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