Microsoft is giving the favored Workplace 365 app a dramatic facelift

Microsoft has given the app, formerly known as Office Lens, a makeover. Office Lens is a document scanning app that allows users to scan printed documents so they can be edited in Office 365 apps such as Word. It is available as a standalone app, but also provides the camera with a variety of Office 365 mobile apps.

Earlier this year, the surprising news broke that Office Lens had been removed from the Windows Store. Windows 10 users will no longer be able to download this handy tool, but it will remain for Android and iOS.

And now the Office Lens app has gotten a makeover, has been renamed Microsoft Lens, and has some new features. Microsoft Lens is now offering a new look, with the app’s design following Fluent Design Language – a design ethos reportedly central to the major Windows 10 redesign later this year.

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In addition to a new look and name, Microsoft Lens now offers a ton of additional camera features. Image-to-table and image-to-contact scanning and a QR code tool are among the new strings in Microsoft Lens’ sheet.

Microsoft Lens now also offers an improved scanning experience that allows users to reorder pages or re-edit scanned PDF files. Filters can also be applied to all images in a document, and Microsoft Lens can also use up to 100 pages as images or PDFs.

Users can also easily switch between local and cloud locations when saving PDF files. Announcing the changes in a blog post, Microsoft said, “We’re taking the next step in our evolution by changing our name and logo from Office Lens to Microsoft Lens, and adding some dynamic new features.

“Together with the new identity, we bring intelligent actions into the camera, including: image to text, image to table, image to contact, immersive reader and QR code scan.”

Windows 10 makers added, “Because Microsoft Lens powers the camera in Microsoft 365 mobile apps like Office, Microsoft Teams, Outlook and OneDrive, you can be sure that Microsoft Lens will capture your documents, photos and photos, intelligently improves and works with videos with the same ease and reliability as the Microsoft Lens app. “

In other news, recently reported that Office 365 users can now benefit from a better security setup.

Application Guard is an important new security tool that ensures that all files downloaded onto your PC are subjected to a thorough security scan.

Files and documents downloaded through Office 365 are scanned for viruses, worms, and other malware before they can cause permanent damage. However, the handy tool is disabled by default, so administrators need to enable it to take advantage of its powerful benefits.

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