Microsoft Groups will quickly run higher on Apple MacBooks – not Home windows 10

“I tried closing the application, restarting, reinstalling, checking for updates, etc. Nothing works.”

In response to the thread, Olsen said, “Thank you for your feedback. We are constantly striving to bring performance enhancements to the Mac client, including improvements with Electron 10 that are being released. We are also aggressively moving into other areas of Mac-related performance -Client on. ” .

It’s believed that while the exact specs for the incoming update are not yet known, this is a sign that teams will soon be doing better on macOS than on Windows 10, even for low spec devices.

The thread on poor team performance on Mac has over 1,700 upvotes, with many users posting about issues they are facing.

One wrote, “Teams crash my Mac OS at least three times a day because of the large amount of memory it is using.

“I’m doing a fresh install and it’s just not stable. How can Zoom be so stable but Teams are just awful on my Mac?”

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