Microsoft groups will not work for tens of millions tomorrow

Microsoft Teams is in a big change. The popular web conferencing service is expected to stop working with Internet Explorer 11. On Monday November 30th, the web-based version of Microsoft Teams will no longer work with IE11. So, if you’re a fan of Internet Explorer, you’ll need to switch to Microsoft Edge to use Teams in a browser. Windows 10 manufacturers announced this big change to Microsoft’s teams earlier this year, and it all seems part of a push to bring Internet Explorer 11 users to Edge.

Apart from the fact that IE11 will lose support from Microsoft Teams at the end of November, the experienced browser will no longer be able to access Microsoft 365 services in the future.

On August 17, 2021, the remaining Microsoft 365 services will no longer work with Internet Explorer 11.

This happens just a few months after the legacy version of Microsoft Edge hit end of support on March 9, 2021.

These changes were announced in a Microsoft blog post over the summer in which the Redmond-based tech giant said it wanted to “make it clear that IE 11 is not going away.”

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However, the number of miles you get with Internet Explorer 11 will decrease significantly. With Legacy Edge nearing the end of support, it’s clear that the Chromium version of Edge is the basket Microsoft lays all the eggs in.

Announcing the news, Microsoft said, “We are pleased to announce that Microsoft 365 apps and services will no longer support Internet Explorer 11 (IE 11) until then next year.

“As of November 30, 2020, the Microsoft Teams web app will no longer support IE 11.

“As of August 17, 2021, the remaining Microsoft 365 apps and services will no longer support IE 11.

“This means that according to the above data, customers have a degraded experience or are unable to connect to Microsoft 365 apps and services in IE 11. If the experience has deteriorated, new Microsoft 365 features will not be available or certain features may no longer work If we access the app or service through IE 11. While we know this change will be difficult for some customers, we believe customers will get the most out of Microsoft 365 using the new Microsoft Edge and we are determined to make this transition as smooth as possible to support. “

Internet Explorer has long been an integral part of the Windows experience. The first iteration of the browser was launched in 1995.

However, as Control Panel and Paint have shown, Microsoft isn’t afraid to make big changes to long-running features or software that customers have come to know and love.

Aside from this big change in teams, there is another big difference that Internet Explorer 11 users will notice this month.

Some of the world’s most popular websites no longer open in Internet Explorer 11. Instead, users are redirected to Microsoft Edge version 87.

This change recently went into effect and affects extremely popular websites like YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter.

But that just scratches the surface. previously reported that over 1,000 websites will stop working in IE11.

When IE11 users try to access a blocked website, they are directed to Edge and they see the following message: “You are now browsing Microsoft Edge.

“This website does not work with Internet Explorer. Microsoft recommends continuing in Microsoft Edge for better speed, performance, and security.”

For those who are still struggling to say goodbye to the seasoned and popular browser, Microsoft is allowing users to enable Internet Explorer mode in Edge.

If this is all part of a push to move users to the Chromium-based version of Microsoft Edge, it will have the desired effect.

Statistics from NetMarketShare have shown that Edge has increased its market share by over two percent since the beginning of the year and managed to skip Mozilla’s Firefox and become the second most popular web browser in the world.

And with more and more great features added to Edge, like vertical tabs and auto-fill for coupons in online retail stores, Edge won’t slowly but surely fill the gap in Google Chrome in 2021.

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