Microsoft groups get new emojis, up to date assembly experiences, and extra within the newest improve

In Teams, different emoji skin tones can be selected by right-clicking on emojis that have a dot in the top right corner.

Any skin tone choices are saved for that Microsoft Teams session.

In terms of the different categories the teams now sort emojis into, there are nine different sections – including smiles, hand gestures, people, and food.

In addition to strengthening the Emoji offering from Teams, Microsoft is also working on a new experience for sharing meetings.

This provides an updated design when team users have shared their screens, such as during a PowerPoint presentation or when accessing the whiteboard.

Microsoft explained this feature as follows: “The new sharing bin lets you share anything you can in the old sharing bin. The only difference is in the form factor and the user experience when you find the content you want to share. We have the experience optimized. ” to make it easier to find what you’re looking for and hopefully less overwhelming and cluttered “.

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