Microsoft Groups customers will not like this creepy change in any respect conferences

Microsoft Teams seems to be working on a brand new upgrade, and not everyone is going to like it. Anyone who is familiar with the popular software knows that all video conferences can already be recorded and saved, but this currently has to be initiated manually.

That could change soon, however, as Microsoft is working on an update that will make it much easier to automatically record daily chats with coworkers.

In a post on the team feedback page, one user asked, “If you know in advance that a meeting should be recorded, it would be helpful if you schedule the meeting to start recording automatically. It can be helpful so as not to forget. ” to start recording and save time and effort without having to remember to do it manually. “

In response, a Microsoft engineer replied, “Thank you for your feedback! The team is currently working on this request. We will post an update as soon as one becomes available.”

TechRadar says users will see a warning letting them know that their meeting is being recorded and a full download of the conversation will be available once things are over.

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The redesigned user interface includes a numeric keypad, voicemail, contacts, call history and settings that are just a few clicks away. According to Microsoft, the update should make it easier to find all of these functions

Another upgrade includes the ability to merge calls. As the name suggests, this feature allows team users to merge multiple phone calls into a single call involving multiple people. If you already have a call and receive a new call, you can merge them.

The Redmond-based tech giant described the feature on the 365 Roadmap page as follows: “Call merging allows end users to merge their active 1-1 call on hold into another 1-1 call or other group call. This applies for VOIP calls from teams and PSTN calls. “

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