Microsoft Floor Duo UK Value and Launch: Radical new Android telephone to be launched quickly

It has been taking a long time, but Microsoft fans in the UK are finally knowing when to get their hands on the new Surface Duo foldable smartphone. This bendable device will hit stores next week on Thursday, February 18th, the date fans should get into their diaries. Microsoft first unveiled its dual-screen phone last year, but so far a launch in the UK has been under wraps.

It’s certainly a pretty unique concept with the clamshell design that features two 5.6-inch displays geared towards multitasking. Microsoft has confirmed that each screen can have two separate apps running at the same time, or that you can run one application and use the other screen as a keyboard or game controller.

Once fully unfolded, you get an 8.3-inch tablet, although unlike the new Galaxy Fold, you have to put a hinge in the center of the display.

There’s no front screen either, meaning it’s more protected when you slip it in your pocket. However, you need to open it to see your messages or to reply to emails.

Unlike previous Microsoft phones, the duo is powered by Android, giving Microsoft fans access to millions of apps, as well as the Android versions of many of Microsoft’s most popular apps, including Office, OneNote, and more.

Other extras include a 3,577 mAh battery and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor. There is also a single camera that can take pictures in low light and record 4K quality videos.

A fingerprint scanner is located on the side of the device and charging via USB-C allows for quick refills via the 18W plug.

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Microsoft said in a blog post about the duo, “Customers love what Surface Duo can do with existing applications, and our partners do a great job improving their dual-screen experience.

“At launch, we introduced Amazon Kindle and the incredible job they have done to make you read a book like a book on Surface Duo. Spotify introduced dual-screen capabilities to improve music discovery. We are excited to present this TikTok To share has released an advanced app that brings completely new experiences that light up on Surface Duo.

“Optimized for two screens, you can discover videos that are tailored to you while exploring relevant hashtags, the latest trends, and more.”

The only sticking point on this smartphone could be its price, as it starts at a pretty high £ 1,349.

If that sounds a bit rich, Microsoft says customers can use the Microsoft Store Trade In Scheme when purchasing the Surface Duo. Customers who order a new Surface Duo by April 3 can receive up to £ 500 when they trade in an eligible device.

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