Michael B. Jordans GF, Lori Harvey owns just about each designer piece you’ll be able to consider

Michael B. Jordan and Lori Harvey are pretty much the cutest couple right now, and if you’ve kept up with their romance like us, you’ll find that Lori’s style is damned impeccable. I mean, she had a romantic date night on Valentine’s Day with a $ 6,000 mirrored Atelier Zuhra Silver Mid Cut acrylic dress. In fact, we’re pretty sure Michael loves that his girlfriend is a total fashion lover too, because not only did he rent an entire aquarium for V-Day, but he also gave Lori shares in Hermès! Talk about romance.

If you take a look at Lori’s Instagram account, you will find that she is constantly showing off her styling skills by wearing one enviable outfit after another. It seems like she has a whole collection of rare vintage designer pieces like her dreamy Vivienne Westwood corset. She has a knack for high-low styling by pairing these designer items with more casual pieces like ripped jeans and Nikes. Read on to see 15 of her best style moments.

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