Meghan Markle at all times integrates eight tendencies (and classics) into her outfits


I wouldn’t call myself a royally obsessed person (the only season of The Crown I’ve seen was that of Princess Diana), but there is something about her style that always fascinates me. I’ve been a fan of Meghan Markle since her suits and The Tig days and I still love keeping up with her current looks. It always looks perfectly sublime and put together. Examples include her Givenchy wedding dress and the street style looks she has been wearing since leaving her royal title behind. While observing her appearance, I noticed that there are some key pieces that she often relies on as part of her signature style. As someone who certainly has access to a wide variety of clothing options, she lets her personal style shine by sticking to a selection of styles that she knows and loves.

Below are the eight trends (and classics) that are almost always incorporated into a Meghan Markle ensemble. With pointy pumps and fitted coats, she is never neglected. Keep scrolling to find out more.

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