Megan Thee Hengst celebrated “Hottieween” in a skin-tight fairy costume (wings included)


I’m willing to bet Megan Thee Stallion (and her nail artist) hasn’t slept since Oct 1st, but it was worth the sizzling outfits and creepy looks she’s been delivering all month long. To top off the spooky season, Megan fully embraced the spirit of Halloween by throwing a “Hottieween 2021” party where she broke into a skin-tight fairy costume, which is basically a PG-13 adaptation of Tinker Bell’s classic look is.

The asymmetrical body had a figure-hugging, transparent base, which was decorated from head to toe with blue, green and purple shimmering rhinestones. Leaving no feathers or leaves untouched, Megan crowned her head with a floral headband with blue and yellow accents, matching earrings, and green sandals with heels adorned with even more iridescent flowers – because a fairy can never be too glamorous, right? To add an extra element of fantasy to the look, the “Megan’s Piano” singer also wore a pair of pointy ears, a bewitching green manicure, and a massive set of dazzled fairy wings ready to fly as far as Neverland and beyond.

I may not be an expert on fairies, but something tells me that Megan was definitely the Queen of the Enchanted Forest this Halloween. See her full costume from all angles.

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