Meet the Maker: Q&A with jewellery designer Cybil Pucan at Mason Grace Jewellery

What jewelry do you wear every day?

I usually have three necklaces on – a mini cross, my monogrammed coat of arms and my deja vu necklace.

For earrings – I have 4 piercings and don’t usually wear matching pairs – I like to tell different stories with them. Usually it’s a combination of stud earrings and dangling earrings with a little movement. And they always have stones in them because I love the way they catch the light.

With rings, it’s always a different combination depending on my mood or the story I’m trying to create that day. Sometimes it’s parts that create more energy – firmer and heavier parts. And sometimes I choose finer pieces that are stacked and layered and feel very feminine.

What’s your favorite part of the jewelry design process?

I love shopping for stones – I love shopping in general, honestly! Certain stones just speak to me and sometimes a design idea arises right there in my head – then I know that I need this stone in my life!

How should women feel when they wear your jewelry?

Beautiful, powerful, strong, self-confident, unique and unmistakable.

Do you pay attention to jewelry trends?

I look at what’s going on around me, but in the end I just do what I love.

In jewelry, more is more. Right or wrong?


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