Meet The Maker: Q&A with Jay Kim from Hiddenspace Jewellery

You seem to be designing mainly with salt and pepper diamonds and alternative stones. What do you love about these alternative stones?

People who choose alternative stones are the ones who refuse to be ordinary. They have an artistic aesthetic and appreciate the particularity and uniqueness.

For me, I love the natural look of salt and pepper diamonds because of the mysterious colors and shapes. When I look closely at an S&P stone, it looks like a galaxy. You are truly a precious gift from earth.

How is your design process?

Design ideas always seem to crop up in the most unexpected moments. So I always have a notepad or my cell phone on hand so I can sketch a ring when the idea occurs to me. Then I come back to my office and put together a more organized sketch.

Next up is the digital CAD rendering, which takes the ring from the paper to a 3D model. I spend a lot of time in CAD to get a better look at the shapes and visualize the finished ring. Once we are happy with the design, we start production where our skilled jeweler Fred and our master diamond setter Juan work to bring the ring to life.

The entire process usually takes around 20 working days from concept to completion.

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