Meet The Maker: Q&A with Brooke Miller from Porter Gulch

Where do you find inspiration? How do you come up with new designs?

Most of the time, the stones themselves inspire me. I’m looking for really interesting stones with unusual shapes, amazing colors, or noticeable inclusions. These types of stones excite me and the inspiration flows naturally when I see them.

Once I have an amazing center stone, I design the rest of the ring to complement it and help it shine the brightest.

What does porter gulch mean?

Porter Gulch is named after the quaint street I grew up on in Santa Cruz, California.

Who is the person who loves your designs?

I have clients from all walks of life with very different styles so it’s difficult to narrow down. Most of my customers want something classic, but elevated and special, definitely something timeless and not trendy. You love unusual gemstones and appreciate the small details.

What jewelry do you wear every day?

I’m wearing my engagement ring (a pillow-cut diamond with a marquise and round melee on the sides – similar to rituals) and my wedding ring, which I made new a few years ago, + my willow stacking ring on my index finger.

On my right, I have a series of stacking ribbons and a cocktail ring on my middle finger. I have some necklaces that I love too, but I put them on hold because my baby likes to tear them off!

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