Meet the girl who can actually do something: TV presenter, author and creator, Lilly Singh

In 2010 Lilly Singh received an ultimatum: in order to forego graduate school, she had to prove that her passion for creating videos on YouTube could be turned into a career. And that’s exactly what she did. Today, Singh is one of the leading content creators on YouTube. Her channel has 15 million subscribers with notable guest collaborators like Selena Gomez, Karlie Kloss, and Michelle Obama. Singh’s list of awards doesn’t stop there, however. Singh is a NYT bestselling author for her book, How to be a Cause: A Guide to Conquering Lifeshe was called one of Times The most influential people on the internet and made Fast company List of the most creative people and she started a production company Unicorn islandwhich aims to bring heightened storytelling to life, what an emphasis on underrepresented voices. In 2019, Singh added another facet to her creative career: host and executive producer on her late night talk show on NBC, A little late with Lilly Singh. As the only female presenter currently on late-night television, Singh pushes the boundaries in her second season (which aired this January) by inspiring guests, comedically relieving, and truly being herself.

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