Meet Our Distributors Collection: Questions and Solutions with a Diamond Seller

When I returned to the industry in my twenties, I was the underdog in the industry. I strolled to meetings in my jeans and T-shirts, everyone else in suits and Rolexes. And at that time all diamond trading was based entirely on numbers and statistics – you seldom looked at the stones. These impersonal interactions took a lot of magic away from me.

Then I moved to Vancouver and switched gears – focusing on working with freelancers and artists who, like me, were passionate about the industry and about diamonds themselves. We really bonded over cool new stones, we raved, we discussed – it really brought me the joy and magic back to diamonds.

What is your personal favorite color, cut and shape for diamonds?

I’ve always loved Marquis Cut, that’s why I love Movals – it’s a slender, elongated oval that is crossed with a marquis.

Also fancy gray diamonds (naturally gray colored diamonds) and fancy white diamonds (opaque white diamonds – almost milky looking) will definitely make me hyperbolic and poetic.

What’s your favorite part of your job?

I love to see my diamonds transform into stunning pieces. And now I often hear directly from end customers on Instagram, which is amazing. They post their new jewels and send messages saying how much they love their new piece.

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