Meena Harris explains the deeper which means of Phenomenal’s Bridgerton Assortment

Meena Harris usually doesn’t like historical pieces. In fact, the Vice President’s niece admits she’s not a great observer at all. * Cue a collective gasp. * But somehow Shonda Rhimes Bridgerton left such an impact on her that she’s contemplating her first repeat of the series. More importantly, Meena partnered with Netflix to create a collection of sweatshirts inspired by the Regency-era drama. That’s right, dear reader, you can be the “diamond of the season” in a cozy crew neck that even Queen Charlotte would smile at.

In an interview with POPSUGAR, Meena explained how she hopes for her phenomenon x Bridgerton The collection builds on the “genius” Shonda, which was created with a diverse cast and dynamic female characters. Meena and her team, in collaboration with designer Chantal Strasburger, selected important quotes from the show with an additional layer of nuance for their colorful embroidered sweatshirts. At first glance, fans might only recognize the romantic drama behind lines like “I’m on fire for you” or “I want to be entertained,” but Meena said the quotes actually have a deeper meaning that celebrates women.

With every Phenomenal collection, Meena wants to give women – especially women in color – the opportunity to carry the conversation of the moment on their sleeves. For example, the new “Dear Reader” sweatshirt clearly refers to Lady Whistledown, but Meena said it is also about women “speaking and having opinions and observations and people listening and having an audience”. She hopes that women writers in particular will be drawn to this play and that they will feel “empowered” in their work.

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