Makeup-Free Cardi B Is a Metaphor for Starting Fresh in the New Year — See Photos


Cardi B has had quite the experimental December when it comes to makeup looks, which is not the least bit surprising considering she regularly opts for a bold, glamorous beat that pairs well with equally bold, glamorous hair and nails. There were the super-skinny brows she wore on the Balenciaga runway, the bright red lips with nearly-black ombré lining, and the gray tones that matched her pale gray color contacts. But as we wind down the month — and the year — it appears the rapper gave makeup artist Erika La’ Pearl a little time off, instead showing off the skills of other members of her glam squad: namely her aesthetician and dermatologist.

On Wednesday, December 27, it seems Cardi was doing a little after-Christmas shopping, and she found a store with the perfect mirror-selfie setup. She posted two photos from the outing to her Instagram Stories, revealing that she was decked out head-to-toe in a colorful outfit that included a yellow knit hat, yellow pants, and a sweater color-blocked in yellow, red, turquoise, black, and white. But while her ensemble was vibrant, her makeup wasn’t — in fact, it simply wasn’t even there.

If the first photo wasn’t enough evidence that she went makeup-free, a second closeup reveals fresh skin, brushed brows, and not so much as a hint of mascara. If she’s wearing any makeup, it might be clear lip gloss, which complements the shine of her Monroe piercing. Not only is the look a reminder that skipping makeup is just as gorgeous as a full face of it, but it’s also a lovely metaphor for this time of year — an opportunity to start another lap around the sun with a clean slate.

Cardi B taking a mirror selfie in a colorful outfit

Instagram/Cardi B

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