Make sweater climate sustainable with these 22 kinds from Banana Republic

I’m honest, sometimes I struggle between my ideals and my cloakroom budget. There’s the sustainable, green closet I want and then the allure of buying this trendy piece of the season at a great price and maybe not knowing how they’re made behind the scenes. When I’m trying to live a more ethical life, including my wardrobe, it helps when some of my favorite brands help me with this endeavor, whether it’s transparency in manufacturing, clothing recycling programs, special conscious collections, and more. It helps too when it’s affordable! Perhaps my purchase won’t revolutionize green fashion efforts, but together we can normalize it with our purchasing power and that counts for something.

Banana Republic has a great sale – up to 75 percent off the entire site! Many of these styles are made with sustainability in mind, making “better clothes for a better planet,” according to the brand. There are cozy knitwear made from recycled wool and cashmere certified according to the Responsible Wool Standard, which protects the sheep that supply the wool as well as the land they graze on, and elegant coats made from 20 plastic bottles. There are also jeans that use innovative washing and dyeing techniques that are better for the environment and are made in factories with programs that train and empower women in the communities where the products are made. Here are some of my choices from Banana Republic’s sustainable line.

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