Maintain on to my pockets, these Amazon Prime Day sneakers and baggage are arduous to withstand

If Amazon Prime Day were a person, it would be that friend who always comes over with goodies and good news. The huge annual event is an exciting opportunity to stock up on all the essentials (or just the items on your wish list) like a time-saving rice cooker or your dream designer backpack.

Speaking of bags, the mega-retailer currently has loads of useful, decorative, and commendable options that you will be happy to discover. I’ve also curated some desirable handbags that I want to wear all year round. Buy one!

Editor’s Choice: I can’t get enough of this ostentatious Vasic Wells Bag ($ 244, originally $ 305) for its contemporary silhouette, eclectic color, and polished design. Get it while you can for Amazon Prime Day.

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