macOS Huge Sur Launched: The Finest 5 Options Now Out there on Your MacBook and iMac

It was a long wait, but today is the day iMac and MacBook users can finally download and install macOS Big Sur. Apple has confirmed that it is releasing this blockbuster upgrade to MacBooks and iMacs worldwide. macOS Big Sur is fully compatible with most modern computers, including all iMacs introduced after 2014 and all MacBooks purchased in late 2013 or since. A full MacOS Big Sur compatibility list can be found here.

MacOS Big Sur is now available and offered on the Mac App Store.

However, before hitting the download button, make sure that all of your files are backed up in case you run into problems during the installation.

Big Sur is likely a large file with a 10GB public beta. So make sure you are near WiFi and keep family off the internet while you try to download things on your Mac.

Once you have it on your computer, just follow the instructions to install it. Note, however, that your computer may be out of service for a short time during the process. So sort out all important emails before tapping the “Install” button.

Once Big Sur is loaded onto our computer, you can indulge yourself. Here are some of the best features available for your MacBook and iMac tonight.

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A whole new look

Big Sur is one of the biggest upgrades in a while, and it’s getting an updated look along with new features. Apple designed Big Sur to look roomier and make it easier to navigate.

Everything has been refined, from the curvature of the window corners to the color and material palette. New features provide better information and improved performance.

Even the icons in the Dock have changed, and Apple said they were carefully crafted to better match icons across the Apple ecosystem.

Buttons and controls also appear when needed and step back when they don’t. The entire experience has been designed to feel more focused, fresher, and more familiar. This reduces visual complexity and puts the focus on the user.

There’s also a redesigned dock that is now raised from the bottom of your display and more translucent so that your desktop wallpaper can be displayed in it.

Another change affects the sounds your Mac makes with new system warnings made with snippets of the originals to make them sound familiar.


macOS Big Sur includes a new customizable menu bar with a brand new Control Center designed to provide quick access to controls right from the desktop. Designed specifically for Mac, the new Control Center brings your favorite menu bar items together in a single place, so you can instantly access the controls you use most.

You can even drag and pin your favorite menu items to the top of your menu bar for one-click access. There’s also an updated notification center that now includes more interactive alerts, and redesigned widgets that give users more relevant information at a glance.

Notifications are automatically sorted according to the latest, and redesigned Today widgets provide information at a glance.


Another thing a lot of Mac fans will be excited about is an update to the News app.

This blockbuster upgrade is long overdue and includes new tools to better manage important conversations and exchange expressive messages.

Basically, it’s more like having your iPhone’s Messages app on your Mac.

Users can now pin their favorite conversations to the top of their message list for quick access. The search has been completely redesigned. The results are organized into links, photos, and matching terms so users can quickly find what they are looking for.

Message effects are now coming to the Mac too, allowing users to add personality to their chats with balloons, confetti, and more. You can also design unique Memoji right on the Mac. With a new photo picker and #images, images, GIFs and videos can be shared quickly and easily.

New group messaging functions optimize the interaction with family, friends and colleagues. Inline replies allow users to reply directly to a message. Now they can forward a message to someone in a group conversation by simply typing their name. Users can now set a photo or emoji for their group conversation that will be shared with all members of the group.


macOS Big Sur brings an improved photo application to your Mac. This update includes features like a better retouching tool that now uses advanced machine learning to remove bugs, dust spots, and other objects from a photo

Adjustments, filters and cropping are now supported for video editing so you can rotate your videos, increase the exposure, or even apply filters.

And you can now apply the vibrance effect to photos and adjust the intensity of filters and portrait lighting effects.


Another popular change appears in the Safari web browser.

This update is the biggest change to this software since it was originally launched in 2003 and will make it faster and more efficient than before.

Apple believes that this Safari boost will help it outperform other browsers, as it can load frequently visited websites 50 percent faster than Google’s Chrome on average.

The tabs have also been completely redesigned to make navigation faster and more powerful by showing more tabs on the screen, showing favorites by default to easily identify open tabs, and allowing users to quickly preview a page by simply moving the mouse pointer enabled via the tab.

Craig Federighi, Apple’s senior vice president of software engineering, said of the changes, “macOS Big Sur is an important update that enhances the legendary combination of the power of UNIX with the ease of use of the Mac, and it is our largest update in more than a decade to design.

“With its modern and clean look, huge improvements to key apps like Safari, Messages, and Maps, and new privacy features, everyone will love the groundbreaking macOS Big Sur experience.”

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