Lourdes Leon brings the Y2K aesthetic to Swarovski in low rise denim and jewels

Shortly after covering Fashion In addition to her industry colleagues, Madonna’s daughter Lourdes Leon is revealed as the new face of Swarovski. Lola made waves in early 2021 when she brought her signature flair to a Marc Jacobs campaign, and she also stood for a collaboration between Juicy Couture and Parade, Gypsy Sport and Stella McCartney. Here, says Swarovski, she represents the elegant brand well, but above all the new collection, which is made for people of all backgrounds and orientations. “Model, actress, linguist, academic, activist Lourdes embodies the spirit of Swarovski,” says the press release.

Lola exudes the popular y2k aesthetic in the shoot and wears a short, twisted halter top and low-slung jeans. She tugs at her denim to draw attention to the brightly colored, jeweled belts around her waist. The charms, pendants and rings also play a role in the color palette and give us a glimpse into the breathtaking crystal art that will come from the iconic accessories company. We’re sure this won’t be the last time you’ll see Lola for Swarovski. Under the photo taken by photographer Mikael Jansson, there is a small foretaste: “Stay tuned, there will be more to come in the coming weeks!” Bet we’re ready for more.

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