Loungewear to Love: New fashion, new colours!

I am very happy to introduce you to my newest Sydne Summer Lounge with new colors and new styles! I wish there was a touch button on the screen so you could feel the fabric. It’s so incredibly soft and cozy. But it’s also light and perfect for lounging around. If you already have some of my lounge parts you will know what I mean. I love this #SydneySummer-babe who uses the fabric “Baby soft, like a puppy!” Called.

New colors

The lounge collection includes two new colors: Merlot and Aquamarine. Merlot is a deep red, like your favorite glass of red wine. It’s festive for the holidays and easily works through to Valentine’s Day. Aquamarine is a heather bluish-green. I named it after my birthstone because you can wear it from winter to spring.

New loungewear styles

There are three new styles in the new colors: the long-sleeved dress, the scoop tank and the long cardigan. I like to think of the dress as my winter house dress. It is so convenient to wear at home all day and all night. And it’s feminine so you can wear it on Zoom calls or when you just want to look a little prettier at the dining table. Plus, it doesn’t take much to get it outside! You just put on boots, a coat, and a face mask and you’re good to go. But you can also embellish it with accessories like a belt or a necklace (I’ll be posting tons of outfit ideas on Instagram Reels soon). It also goes wonderfully with the matching cardigan.

The cardigan feels like you’re wrapped in a cozy blanket scarf. I designed it to be open in the front so you can overlay it and drape it off your shoulder. And it has front pockets if you want to always have your phone with you. Not only can you wear it over your dress, you can also combine it with the matching tank.

The tank is so perfect for layering! I wear it with the cardigan and under the off the shoulder top, which we brought back together with the wide leg pant with the new colors. All of the loungewear is mixed and matched so you have endless outfit options from the inside out.

Many thanks to my beautiful friend Candice Nikeia for helping me model the new pieces, to my great photographer Munopia for taking pictures of the looks and to my glamorous husband Ian Maxion for hair and make-up for the shoot. I am so grateful for everyone’s support, including all of you! Seeing you in my Sydne Summer pieces was amazing and I hope you love the new collection.

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