Louis Rousselet Essentially the most stunning costume jewelery that each girl ought to personal

Finding a Louis Rousselet piece of jewelery is a rather rare and therefore very special occasion. The well-known jewelry manufacturer was born in Paris in 1892. At the age of only eight, Louis Rousselet already learned from M. Rousseau and mastered his technique of lamp beads. Thirty years later, in 1922, Louis opened a workshop in Menilmontant – a district of Paris – and began making glass and galalithic beads by hand, sometimes using unusual ceramics.

Louis quickly became known for his glass beads, often shaped baroque to emphasize their individuality, and for imitation pearls. He made the pearls out of glass by coating the glass with Essenz d’Orient or namely a fish scale compound. As a result, his company became an important source of handcrafted pearls for the world. Louis Rousselet became known as one of the most outstanding pearl makers of the 20th century.

Louis Rousselet’s workshop has employed nearly 800 people over the years, and each employee is said to have been trained for six to seven years. His brand produced pearls and jewelry designs that have adorned singers, models, and actresses for 100 years. Louis designed jewelry for Music Hall stars Josephine Baker and Mistinguette.

Gifted Louis Rousselet family

Denise Rousselet, Louis’ daughter, designed several collections for her father from 1943 to 1965, when she was given all exclusive design responsibilities. Denise and her father produced charming flower necklaces from imitations and colored pearls, glass-colored pearls and clear and colored rhinestones. Many fashion and jewelry stores sourced their supplies from Rousselet. Its beads were used to embroider and decorate clothing designs and are still in great demand.

Craftsmanship from a Parisian jewelry maker

Louis Rousselet’s galalithic beads are made from casein (Latin) cheese(Cheese) is a phosphoprotein – one of the main components of milk and therefore the basis of cheese. This substance is widely used in the manufacture of plastics, glass, pearls, and ivory and is known for its yellowish white color. The imitation pearls have been coated with a fish scale substance to create a pearlescent sheen and sheen. Similar to Venice, the glass beads were worked directly over a fire on a brass rod. As the shape of the pearl took shape, it was dissolved in acid and pitted. The shape could then be completed and a single bead would be created.

Vintage Louis Rousselet Paris Green Glass Bead Necklace

Notably, all of the Rousselet beads were hand-wound and hand-polished. A variety of colors and styles were used, and these iridescent, foiled, or lamp-wrapped multicolored swirls were made using the same proven techniques for fifty years.

The craftsmanship of the Parisian jewelry makers guarantees the perfect composition. The pearls, rhinestones and pearls used to adorn a gold and silver colored metal base were studded with prongs and wired together. Every Louis Rousselet piece of jewelry you find is truly unique and can instantly embellish any outfit. Regardless of your jewelry preferences, Louis Rousselet has something for everyone: from large and eccentric statement designs that are several inches in size, to tiny and delicate seed beads that can be as small as a millimeter (0.039 inch) in size .

louis-rousselet green-glass-brass-filigree-collar-necklace

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