Lori Harvey stole Michael B. Jordan’s shirt and he observed – the Bottega Veneta boots made her do it!

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Lori Harvey spent some time in Paris for Fashion Week, made a flashy appearance at the Miu Miu Show, and turned the streets into her own catwalk when she had the time. Just in case, she borrowed a silk, chocolate-colored button-down from Beau Michael B. Jordan’s closet, and you bet he noticed. After the model posed for photos with photographer Frederic Monceau, the model posted the photos on Instagram. “HOW WILL YOU TAKE MY SHIRT & ROCK IT BETTER THAN I?” THE NERVE 🙄 “, Jordan immediately replied in a repost about his stories.

But MBJ, listen up, the Bottega Veneta boots made them do it! Seriously, how could she find a better-fitting oversized top to wear with the iconic BV Dot boots, which sell for $ 1,850 and come with gold hardware? Really, they’re just the combination of a removable stretch leather sock and a strappy sandal, but taken together they’re the kind of statement footwear that will go down in history.

Harvey’s stylist Monica Rose helped her coordinate them with Prada cat-eye sunglasses, thin gold hoop earrings, a Hermès Kelly bag, and a wool coat, proving to fans and followers that the monochrome “brownfit” is indeed a trend for autumn is. Well, we might not all be able to jump on the bandwagon (swooned) in one of Michael’s originals, but you can check out a few inspired versions we found to look ahead.

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