London’s new rising star on her unconventional method to magnificence

If you only had five minutes to go out, what products would you use?

I have to wash my face, always. At the moment I am using an Environ Face wash. Then I would use some hyaluronic acid, which is good for hydration and keeps the water on my face. I’m currently using a Green People Hyaluronic Serum ($ 32). This one is vegan and cruelty free, which is what I like. And then my make-up artist friend Justine Jenkins with whom I work a lot and who uses a lot of vegan products got me this organic face oil ($ 48) from a company called By Sarah which is really brilliant.

Are natural and organic factors important to you in choosing which products to use?

Sometimes, but I really get it mixed up. My skin is a mix of very sensitive and dry and prone to blemishes, so it took me a while to find things that work. So I use the face oil and then I put factor 50 sunscreen on my face. Especially at the moment when I work in Berlin and there are 36 degrees here. I use Dermalogica sunscreen on my face and Jason Mineral sunscreen on my body. Though I love a hat too! [Laughs] I’m a big hat girlit means you are super protected from the sun.

And what about makeup? Are you someone who wears it every day?

It depends what I’m doing. I definitely take lots of days off with makeup, but when I wear it I’ll put on a bit of light foundation and I’ll make my eyebrows a bit thicker because I plucked my loads too much when I was younger [laughs]. There’s a brand called Cosmetics à la Carte that I found a few years ago that really saved my bacon by becoming allergic to nickel, which is found in many makeup products, for a while after doing a particularly stressful job is. They are a family business and they can tailor your makeup. So I use her eyebrow cream ($ 56) and I use her makeup when I’m on set every day – I just love her products.

I also always like a little something on my lips, either I color them lightly or when I go out and have fun, then I like the darker, clumsier, more gothic colors. I love Chanel’s Rouge Noir ($ 45) or Laura Mercier’s shiny plum lipstick, which is very sheer but has a slightly more gothic boho look. Since I have blond-red hair and am so pale, I don’t like looking too girlish – I like to push something against it and wear colors that are a little darker, more conspicuous and arguably less feminine. I also like to play around without eye makeup, which can be a little annoying strange look you know No eye makeup, but a strong lip.

When I was younger I always felt that I had to somehow fit and fit, and especially as an actress, I thought I couldn’t look this unconventional. I couldn’t be so pale and red [headed] to work. I had to mix [in] a bit better. And that’s just not true now. I love it when I see all kinds of people just accept what they naturally have. … I find that very inspiring. I also think the beauty industry is – finally – starting to adapt and cater for what women have been pushing for [more] to each unique look. I think that’s really important. As a teenager and in my early 20’s, I definitely felt like I couldn’t find a foundation that would match my pale skin. I wore fake tan instead, so it’s nice that we can all now appreciate our uniqueness.

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