Lloyds and Halifax DOWN: Cellular app and on-line banking haven’t labored for 1000’s

15:00 UPDATE: Good news, it appears that the Lloyds and Halifax outage that hit customers earlier today is now over. Both the banking apps and online services were unavailable for around two hours, but the Gremlins were now approached with normal things.

ORIGINAL STORY: Some Lloyds and Halifax customers are facing a frustrating afternoon as the banking apps and online services are currently unavailable and not working. The gremlins appear to have started around 12:15 p.m. Customers of these popular banks cannot log in to review their accounts, move funds, or view bank statements.

Down Detector, which tracks online service outages and issues based on mentions on social media, shows a huge surge in complaints about Lloyds and Halifax. In its heyday, around 2,000 Lloyds customers raised concerns about the online and mobile banking portals

There is currently no word on what is causing the outage as the Lloyds have no current issues. When visiting the Lloyds status page, users are informed that all app and online banking is functioning normally and that there is no planned work on these services.

Despite the lack of official information, many customers have complained about the issues on social media. Many say the banking apps log them out with an error stating that the bank has “technical problems”.

On Twitter, a Lloyds user said: “@LloydsBank is having trouble logging into the app and is also not working online. Do you know when will this be fixed?”

While another added, “@LloydsBank it appears your internet services are down. Any ideas when this will be fixed? Thanks.”

Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be a simple solution to solving the problem. However, Express.co.uk will keep this article updated with news on the bypassing of the online error pages affecting thousands of Lloyds and Halifax customers across the country this afternoon.


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