Lizzo wore a t-shirt gown along with her face on it like she ought to

Lizzo * feels herself * and her newest outfit proves it. The “Good as Hell” singer attended the JBL True Summer event on Thursday at Santa Monica Pier in a white t-shirt dress. But believe us, it was just an old t-shirt dress. Lizzo gave everything by wearing one that was waiting for it. . . her face on it! There was a graffiti-style illustration on her t-shirt. Dollar signs and diamonds bearing the Louis Vuitton logo floated around her head.

To complete her look, she completed her outfit with a pair of white stilettos and also showed off her pink pixie cut wig ICYMI. As accessories, she wore encrusted sunglasses and silver. Chain link jewelry. Read on to take a closer look at her awesome t-shirt and shop for similar t-shirts if you want a Lizzo t-shirt too!

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