Little habits that make large modifications

Have you ever stepped into a health goal for a few weeks and found, “Hey, this is so much harder than I thought?” While we all want to see immediate results, if we overwhelm ourselves with tons of ideas and decisions, we won’t be motivated. However, there are some small habits that can translate into huge changes.

Try these tips for maximum results:

1. Drink more water. The benefits of adding this habit alone shouldn’t be overlooked. It flushes the toxins out of your system, replenishes your cells, increases your energy levels, and helps your body work more efficiently in every way.

2. Take further steps. In other words, move more. If you take fewer than 3,000 steps a day, you are sedentary. Get a Fitbit or pedometer and get off your bum. Get up and walk around. Make sure you take frequent breaks from work. Park a little further from the store. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. When you challenge a friend or make a game out of it, it’s a lot more fun.

3. Turn off the TV. You don’t need it! Americans waste a surprising amount of time between cable, Netflix and social media. Use a DVR for the one show you can’t miss or schedule a family movie night and hit the road!

4. Change your environment. Spend more time with people with similar goals. Do not bring home groceries that you know will not be good for you. Make an appointment to meet a friend or trainer at the gym. Avoid places that create bad habits.

5. Take the time to be prepared. Put your workout clothes in front of your door. Make healthy food in advance. Do what you can to remove obstacles and obstacles.

6. Start small. Pick a habit or two that you want to change at the same time and start doing what you can. Try to do 10 minutes of cardio a day instead of 45. Read a page of a book you want to get to instead of a chapter. (And most of all, celebrate the little things.)

7. Wake up earlier. You can do so much more in the morning than watching TV or playing video games late into the night. You will have better energy, better focus, and better decisions.

8. Set a schedule … and follow it! Book your workout like a doctor’s appointment. Better still, go at the same time of day each time. Create habits by planning your time deliberately. Make sure your goals and health are a priority.

Consistency is the key! When you make small changes and make them over time, it creates not only a habit, but a lifestyle as well. The result is the sum of all your efforts.

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