Lisa from Blackpink naturally rocks Celine on Vogue Japan’s ‘Boring’ June 2021 Covers

The fashion industry seems obsessed with Blackpink. It wasn’t long before the major French fashion houses Celine, Chanel, Christian Dior and Saint Laurent selected band members as brand ambassadors. To dominate kiosks around the world, rosé is currently featured on the cover of Vogue Australia. Lisa is now going to Vogue Japan for June 2021. Member of Celine since September 2020 Rappers, singers and dancers Of course, from the brand’s Spring 2021 collection, Dons is looking for two covers, both shot by Kim Hee June.


“Boring and undesirable. Typical seventeen covers ”, criticized balmain1914.

“These are pretty boring, especially compared to last month,” noted Kokobombon.

“So much Photoshop, she looks like a zombie,” Nomar said.

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MON also noticed the excessive post production: “Is that it? The way they airbrushed her face is ridiculous! The makeup doesn’t fit the concept either. Basic styling. It’s too literal. I wish they had explored more with her. “

“I like them and the styling, but the airbrushing and the laziness are ridiculous. Total boredom, nothing happens, no concept or any emotion. Nice, but a total waste of an opportunity, ”emphasized dontbeadrag.

“I know she’s a Celine ambassador, but maybe they could have done it more playfully,” said PierreGotha.

“Where are Luigi & Iango when we need them most?” asked vogue28. “I could imagine the couple throwing a Lisa cover shoot for Vogue Japan out of the park …”

Benn98 described the covers as “memorable and so simple” but do you agree?


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