Lily Collins picks the drama on the covers of Vogue Arabia November 2020

Manuel Arnaut is definitely doing fantastic things with Vogue Arabia. The magazine chose Kourtney Kardashian along with Farida Khelfa as cover stars. It also gave her September cover to a young girl who was affected by the devastating explosion in Beirut. Now Lily Collins is making her first Vogue cover appearance in the November 2020 issue of the magazine, which was picked up by Thomas Whiteside. For cover one (below) Lily serves up a face with a latex Saint Laurent number, while on cover two (after the jump) the star of Netflix ‘Emily in Paris shows off a stunning Schiaparelli creation.


One cover was clearly noticeable. “Weird choice for Vogue Arabia for a cover star, kind of an average shoot, pretty boring for first impressions,” said SLFC.

“Really by chance… I think you really like Emily in Paris in the Middle East? Her arm behind the imprint is strange too, ”added BlueRuin.

“The second cover is stunning and glamorous, while the first leaves a lot to be desired,” noted MON.

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“The second cover is divine!” agreed cotton mouth13.

“The first cover is a lot, but the second cover is beautiful!” repeated Bluestar.

“I was immediately a fan of the first cover – I loved the simplicity of it all, the uncomplicated photography by Thomas Whiteside and the polished overall look. The lighting is extremely flattering and Lily looks flawless! However, it is the second cover that completely seals the deal for me – just pure perfection, ”emphasized vogue28.

“The second cover is beautiful! I want to buy the copy, ”said Jorgepalomo.


Check out Lily’s cover feature and share your thoughts here.

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