LG is redesigning its good TV software program to maintain up with Samsung

When choosing a new 4K TV, there isn’t much to differentiate between models. Unless you’re looking for a lifestyle TV like Samsung’s stunning Serif, most TVs are pretty nondescript black rectangles. Of course there is picture quality and support for standards like HDR10 and Dolby Vision. And the only other reason to choose one brand over another is for software.

And when it comes to software, it’s tough to compete with Samsung (which also happens to what is currently the world’s best-selling television maker). The South Korean company’s Tizen operating system is quite easy to use and unobtrusive, but it has a number of useful features. First, Samsung has an almost unmatched selection of streaming apps, including staples like Netflix, YouTube, and Prime Video, and is quickly adding new partners. It was one of the first companies to offer Apple TV + and a Disney + app to go with it at the same time, Launch Day. Samsung also has its own streaming service with a selection of free shows and films that are advertised.

LG has brought the battle to Samsung’s all-conquering Tizen operating system and has now announced a dramatic redesign of its own smart TV software called webOS.

The next big version of webOS, dubbed Version 6.0, is expected to be available on LG Smart TV models in 2021. Instead of the sleek menu in previous iterations of webOS, which only ever takes up the bottom third of the screen and offers diagonal maps to show installed streaming services, HDMI inputs, frequently accessed settings, and more, webOS 6.0 takes care of everything Screen. Like competing television software, including Amazon Fire TV and Apple’s tvOS, LG opts for card-like tiles with beautiful artwork from TV shows and movies. These cards are broken down with other shortcuts, including app icons for video-on-demand services, HDMI, and connected smart home devices that can be controlled via webOS. In a press photo of the new software, LG shows an air purifier that can be switched on and off via the TV menu.

Samsung 4K TVs could soon benefit from a useful smartphone feature

There is a special heading for Live TV that makes jumping to linear channels much faster than before. With Sport Alerts you can stay up to date on games that are running without having to switch between channels to stay up to date. These sports alerts are shown in a map-like view that is very similar to the one on the Google Nest Hub. There is also a weather map that provides a view of the high and low temperatures of the day, as well as the current temperature and outdoor weather conditions.

It’s clear that LG is hoping to turn webOS, which is currently just a quick way to jump into Netflix or HDMI 2, into a more advanced smart home hub. Suggestions picked by the AI ​​based on your viewing history are widely used in streaming set-top boxes like the Fire TV Stick and Chromecast with Google TV. So it’s nice to see that this handy feature enables the jump to the software already installed on your Smart TV out of the box.

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