Lenovo Sensible Body Evaluate: Easy and with a Google Images view

“No Distraction Here: The Lenovo Smart Frame is about sharing your favorite memories.”

  • Photo-realistic display

  • One of the largest picture frames ever

  • Convenient organization with Google Photos

  • Easy wall mounting

  • It is expensive

  • Does not support other photo services

Digital photo frames are nothing new. They’ve been around almost as long as the first commercial digital cameras. Over the years, arguably, the greatest innovation in digital photo frames has centered on smart displays – how smart displays effectively serve as photo frames and add value to them.

In Lenovo’s view, the Photo Frame is again a stand-alone product with the power and help of Google Photos. Unlike other photo frames you’ve come across, the Lenovo Smart Frame wants to make its presence known with its huge 15 x 24 inch digital canvas. Compared to today’s smart displays, it’s an undeniable Goliath.

Realistic picture quality

I loved the first digital photo frame I bought in the early 2000s, but when I look back now, it was total rubbish. Not only was it low resolution, but the colors were bleeding through the sides and corners like no other. Of course, with today’s digital photo frames, you won’t have these worries.

The sheer size of the Lenovo Smart Frame dwarfs the vast majority of digital photo frames in circulation. While most are largely reserved for coffee tables, bedside tables, end tables, and cramped counters, the Lenovo Smart Frame yearns to be wall-mounted – or at least deserves to be propped up on its own pedestal or shelf. This is due to the large 21.5-inch IPS panel. Not only is it significantly larger than other picture frame displays, but its realistic look is enhanced by its anti-glare coating. When viewed directly, this can be confused with a normal picture frame.

While the 1080p resolution works decently from a distance, I can see less detail in the images on closer inspection. This is obviously expected and is not a complete distraction. As long as the original image was captured correctly, it is still pleasing to the eye. The colors are also displayed well, and the viewing angles are excellent and do not distort at wide angles.

Thanks to Google’s Ambient EQ technology, the Nest Hub smart displays are among the best for lifelike results. I have to admit, however, that the Lenovo Smart Frame’s matte finish makes the display more realistic. Aside from the lack of a higher resolution display, it does it justice when it comes to presenting photos.

Google photos is a must

In order for photos to appear on the Wi-Fi connected Lenovo Smart Frame, you need to set up Google Photos – this is mandatory and the only option. This is a bit limiting, and I would have liked wider support for other image services like Shutterfly. However, since this is Google Photos, it comes in handy that I can quickly fill an album to present on the Lenovo Smart Frame by selecting familiar faces. (This works on pets too.) Better to have to go through all of my albums manually.

In addition to showing my Google Photos, which can be shuffled in chronological order or via the Lenovo Smart Frame app, you can set up other “channels” to show other things besides photos. The only other options are the Art Gallery and Clock channels, which show curated graphics and the time, respectively. The latter only have a handful of clock widgets to choose from, but I really wish they could show other important information – like weather and temperature.

Although the Lenovo Smart Frame automatically flips through photos, it has a built-in motion sensor that makes it easy for anyone to scroll through them and the various channels. You have to be patient with these hand gestures because if you’re like me and want to scroll through a set in a hurry, it can’t keep up.

There are two ways to assemble the frame. I opted for the easy way of putting it on a wall with the power chord behind it, but later I used the included wall mount to mount it properly. While it’s still heavier than other frames at 8.26 pounds without the metal frame mount, you don’t need to find pins in the wall to mount it to the wall. Once it’s on the wall, you can easily remove it by pulling on the switches on the back of the unit. If you have younger children who may be attracted to the power cord, a child-resistant clip is provided to make the cord easy to detach from the device.

Stick to what it does best

We have high expectations for displays these days, especially considering how smart displays are the command centers of some households. One can expect that the Lenovo Smart Frame can do more, e.g. B. Play videos, possibly act as a second screen, or even provide voice control with the Google Assistant. There was also a point where I wished I could have broadcast a video that I was seeing on my smartphone. But, you know what? It doesn’t do any of them. And who knows if it ever will.

This may be hard to swallow for some, but I understand Lenovo’s intent. The company already makes its own line of smart displays with Google Assistant support (like the Lenovo Smart Display 7, which I love). The Smart Frame therefore serves only one purpose: A picture frame that inspires you with some of your favorite memories.

Our opinion

What can also be difficult to accept for some people is the $ 400 cost of the Lenovo Smart Frame. It’s way above what you can find anywhere else, even for fancy smart displays that serve as frames for your photo memories and cost around $ 250.

Its size is undoubtedly its greatest asset. Few are ever as tall as 10 inches, so it’s a picture frame worth mounting in a high-traffic area of ​​your home for family members and visitors to see. With the integration of Google Photos, you can no longer organize your favorite memories and move them into a picture frame.

How long it will take?

The Lenovo Smart Frame is mainly made of plastic and is solidly built. Since this is a heavy side, extra care should be taken where you place it if you don’t plan to mount it on the wall. It comes with a one year limited warranty.

Is there a better alternative?

As mentioned earlier, smart displays like the Google Nest Hub are actually a better investment as they double as picture frames. So if you want to fill smaller spaces, these are the better option. Conversely, you won’t find many picture frames larger than 10 inches. This is one of the few options to consider – especially those over 20 inches.

Should you buy it?

Yes, for its presentation style as the right photo frame that is easy to manage thanks to Google Photos.

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