Léa Seydoux pays homage to Marilyn Monroe in Louis Vuitton’s newest purse marketing campaign

We absolutely live for Steven Meisel as a campaign photographer for Louis Vuitton. Despite an obviously rocky start, the legendary Lensman is clearly picking up speed. His latest offer? A series of ads showing Vuitton’s Capucines handbags alongside Léa Seydoux. The campaign channels Douglas Kirkland’s legendary Marilyn Monroe photographs, in which Léa poses in bed with minimal makeup.


Our forum members fell in love. “She looks great, even if I’m tired of the looks of Marilyn Monroe. I like Marie-Amelie Sauvé’s ‘minimal’ styling here, she should try harder, ”admires THD96.

“I’m officially here to photograph Steven Meisel’s Louis Vuitton campaigns,” emphasizes a definitely impressed Mode28.

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“More chisels in Vuitton? Count me in! This is my previous favorite of his campaigns for Nicolas Ghesquière… ”enthuses aracic.

“Admittedly, we’ve all seen the scene with the“ unmade bed ”before, but Meisel made another classic out of it! Simple styling and Léa is exquisite here, ”justaguy agrees.

Mercredi is also enthusiastic: “I love it, Steven Meisel x Louis Vuitton is just a dream come true …”

But not everyone digs the result. “Some of the recordings are good, some are less …” admits WAVES.

“Nice, but … kind of boring,” Joromana interfered.


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